Click the links to run examples that use the browser extension.


Do NOT execute Javascript code sent from the server.

Show in red input fields that won't be encrypted.

Do NOT execute Arc code containing eval().

Do NOT allow direct access to the DOM or global Joan variables.

Show in red decrypted data fields that fail signature verification.

Do NOT allow overriding the onclick event of a form.


Encrypt and sign in the browser before sending to the server.

Modify data before encrypting.

Modify data after decrypting.

Send unencrypted (new) data, but don't send decrypted (old) data.

Create a new Javascript object, in Arc.

Have more than one form in a page.

Process payments with Stripe.

Hash a user password for login.

Delete a cookie.

Autocomplete from server.

Autocomplete multiple items.

Search encrypted data.

Autocomplete multiple items from encrypted data.

Add a contact.

Delete a contact.

Encrypt for an encrypted contact, chosen using autocomplete.

You can see all the data you saved so far by clicking here and all contacts here.